Our History

After 25 years in Bunge & Born and a recent experience in public office as Economy Vice Minister, where he was appointed the task of designing the strategic plan that induced structural changes in Argentina's economy, Orlando Ferreres decided to start his own company.


That is how OJF was founded in 1991, with the specialized core of professional macroeconomic consultants and keeping the name Center for Economic Studies (CEE in spanish), under which they worked in B&B. The corporate finance area, Latinbank , also begun to develop in parallel.


Among the CEE's subscribers portfolio are many customers who receive its services since the times of B&B, while companies from the most diverse economic sectors were added during the years. The CEE's distinctive characteristic has always been the use of econometric techniques and complex mathematical models to back their predictions. With time, they have enhanced their methodology and worked on new products - such as the General Activity Index – with the objective of providing more precise predictions and analysis, and, fundamentally, to improve their practical utility for the customers through periodical reports .


On the other hand, the CEE has made special reports and analysis on different economic sectors and regions.


In the corporate finance area, OJF has accompanied the evolution of the country's businesses. As the credentials reflect, OJF initially acted as advisor for international companies interested in participating in Argentina's privatization process, and for provincial governments that concessioned or privatized their assets. Acting as advisor with mandate for one of the parts, OJF was involved in M&A transactions in sectors as diverse as energy, food & beverages and financial. Project evaluation, company valuation and investment opportunities detection are some of the areas in which IBS has participated.


In the last years, along with the crisis in Argentina's economy, OJF has participated in financial debt restructuring processes.