IBS provides investment banking services, focusing primarily on mergers and acquisitions and debt restructuring.

M&A   IBS deals in mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, strategic alliances, and investor search and selection
Debt Restructuring
  OJF has solid expertise in debt restructuring processes, including the arrangement and negotiation of payment schemes and collateral packages, based on detailed financial models.
Project Finance   Analysis and identification of the most suitable financial alternative for each project. Negotiation of terms and conditions with strategic or financial investors.
Strategic Analysis
  OJF carries out industry studies that include competitive analysis, SWOT analysis, value chain and demand forecasts, which are key for the identification of investment opportunities.
Public Investment
  IBS has extensive experience advising governments and public entities in developing projects and the sale of enterprises through public bidding processes.
Strategic Planning
  Our strategic planning approach - jointly developed by our Investment Banking Services Department and Centro de Estudios Económicos (CEE) -  consists in determining the company’s mid and long term market positioning and the definition of the most optimum strategy to achieve this goal, considering both present and future macroeconomic scenarios.